Connecting top iGaming brands with high-intent users.

Data-driven, performance marketing that targets and turns potential users into new users.

Reyo Media Limited specializes in lead generation and user acquisition for the iGaming industry.

We are a data-driven marketing company, acquiring users for our iGaming partners through targeted media buy and our proprietary marketing channels. Based in London, UK, we drive profitable traffic from more than 25 countries across the globe.

Our partners rely on us for advanced lead generation that drives the next wave of users. 

Responsible and ethical advertising is important to us.

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1. We follow Operation Creative guidelines

We monitor Operation Creative’s Infringing Websites List, ensuring your advertisements only show on reputable sites.

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2. We are registered with ICO

We comply with ICO’s data protection laws, protecting the personal data of all your target users.

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3. We yield to the IAB standards

We follow the IAB standards, protecting consumer privacy and delivering quality ads. 

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4. We follow ASA rules

We create responsible ads that comply with the ASA.

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5. We are GDPR compliant

We protect the data privacy of all your target  users in compliance with GDPR. Click here to learn more about our GDPR compliance.

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We target and acquire users from across the globe.

Our Websites

Our proprietary websites feature our iGaming partners so users can more easily find, compare, and play the games available in their country. By creating wider access for users, our partners receive increased conversions.


Why Us?

Because you want results. 

Reyo’s marketing solutions utilize media buy and SEO best practices to optimize your spend on user acquisition. Enhanced by our data management platform, we’re driven by advanced analytics which enable continued optimization of your program.

We are regulatory compliant, abide by advertising best practices, and protect the privacy of you and your target users.

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